Leverage your business experience to gain higher fees and free equity in businesses.

Ever dream of owning or having a major shareholding in companies you work with?  Now you can...

Comprehensive new program shows you how.

Acquire companies for NO MONEY DOWN.
Be given significant equity in companies - Develop them then SELL.
Substantially increase your fee income with NO EXTRA WORK.
Become a Deal Maker - Generate wealth and own a PORTFOLIO of companies.
Gain new skills to help build and develop your capital acquisitions.

Becoming an Alchemy deal maker and business consultant opens up new and unique opportunities for you to generate more income and build your own no-cost equity portfolio of companies.

Equity & £1.1M

Carl Allen from Manchester, UK acquired equity in several companies and made £1.1 million in his first 18 months as a Deal Maker. He was also given a brand new Porsche Cayenne (as part payment) by a client.

40% Equity

Frazer Fearnhead from Cheshire, UK landed a Directorship with a 40% equity deal and a generous retainer after completing his Deal Maker training. 
He later founded a crowd funding company.

Equity & $1.2M

George Stamatakis from Melbourne, Australia used the training and strategies to gain equity and directorships in 6 companies and earned in excess of $1.2 million over a 12 month period as a Deal Maker.

"...It will change your view of business completely - A life changer."

Clive Mulligan, UK

Alchemy Deal Making offers a comprehensive training and support program designed to put it's new partners and associates at the forefront of business growth and development. 

World-class training.
In-depth support. 
Full array of tools & resources.
Personal coaching. 
Affordable with high RoI.

Discover the Alchemy of Deal Making:
A Revolutionary Approach to Business Growth and Wealth Creation


What sets Alchemy Deal Making apart is not just the ability to teach you how to acquire of significant shareholdings in businesses with no money down, but to fundamentally transform how you leverage your existing skills as a consultant or advisor. This course is a unique blend of business acquisition strategies, enhanced consulting techniques, and equity growth tactics - a combination you won't find anywhere else.


Beyond Business Acquisition:

Learn not just how to acquire businesses, but also how to use your consulting skills to secure larger fees and success-based compensation.

Equity Opportunities:

Discover how to negotiate equity stakes in businesses you consult with, allowing you to build a diverse portfolio without the typical burdens of business ownership.

Business Development Expertise:

Gain access to our comprehensive business development consulting training, equipping you with tools and strategies to drive growth in your acquired companies.

Exit Strategies for Capitalisation:

Develop and implement effective exit strategies that maximise your returns and those of your clients.


Unique Model:

This course offers a unique model of wealth creation that combines deal-making, consulting, and business acquisition.

Reduced Management Burden:

Unlike traditional business ownership, our approach lets you leverage existing management teams, freeing you from day-to-day operational concerns.

Influence as a Trusted Advisor:

Transition from a consultant to a respected business partner with a vested interest in each company's success with participation in the wealth you create.

Maximize Returns:

With a focus on growth and strategic exits, this processes are designed to maximise your financial returns while minimising risks.

Here's What Alumni Say About Our Training Programs...

Kerwin Rae
Sydney, Australia

“I have attended more training and studied more about business in the last 10 years than most and I would like to say this is by far the most comprehensive, detailed and step by step system for business and consultancy success that I have ever seen."

Nigel Botterill
Solihull, UK

"The most valuable thing I got is the opportunity to achieve financial freedom for myself and my family... It’s prepared me to help any business owner anywhere and make a lot of money in the process."

Carl Allen
Manchester, UK

“A licence to print money... Probably the most invigorating professional experience of my career. Cheaper and infinitely more practical than an MBA and all in 5 action packed days... David – thanks for everything – not just the opportunity, frameworks and best practices but all the personal touches; your confidence in me and wanting to invest in my success.”

George Stamatakis
Melbourne, Australia

“It opens your eyes and develops many skills that you will have for life. The support material that comes with the course is the key to your success.”

"I’d considered investing in an MBA but this course is the Millionaire’s MBA."

Sherwin Singh, Basingstoke, UK

What To Expect From Joining Alchemy...

"Over the last 20 years, I've guided many individuals around the globe to realise their ambitions and dreams through my training and franchise programs. The proof can be seen in the testimonials and comments right here on this site. Participants in these programs have rigorously applied my methods, leading some to become leaders in their field, celebrities and multimillionaires. You may recognise some of the names.

But now, it's your opportunity to shine. The Alchemy Deal Making program and platform is your key to unlocking your own success. You'll gain indispensable knowledge, tools, and processes to provide exceptional service and results to your clients. Our training is designed to revolutionise your compensation structure, enabling you to earn not only higher ongoing fees but also performance-based rewards and equity in your clients' businesses (or to buy their businesses outright for no money down). Your expertise will no longer just be a service; it will become a conduit to mutual prosperity.

Join us, and together we will take your professional path to new heights!

David Abingdon

P.S. Sceptical? Let the overwhelming number of success stories and testimonials from those who've embarked on this journey dispel your doubts. Read on..."

More Alumni Talk Of Their Results...

Satnam Thandi
London, UK

“...Within a few weeks I had signed up 3 clients and a further prospect was chasing me to help them. It’s now over 3 months since I completed the course and I’ve never looked back or been more optimistic about the future.”

Jamie McKean
Auckland, New Zealand

“It's been a fantastic journey so far and I was fortunate enough to sign up my first 2 clients in the first week... I followed up and I now have 4 clients, so things are going really, really well. I've got 1 to 2 days free which frees me to work on JV and deal making opportunities."

Andrew Clutterbuck
Solihull, UK

“I’m delighted. Within my first six weeks I landed my first client and then secured a further two clients a couple of weeks after.”

Julia Smith
Co. Longford, Ireland

"Yesterday I signed my first client for €5K per month plus 20% of the increase in profit... The material and the systems are great... I'm delighted."

Nigel Botterill
Solihull, UK

"After just a few short months I now have 14 clients, a staff of 5 and am building what is already a very substantial business. 

At the moment, I’m turning clients away. It’s a great position to be in!"

Mark Ryan
Sydney, Australia

“The difference between this and running your own business is that the risk is far lower, less stressful and more enjoyable... With 4 clients, I now receive over in $40,000 retainers per month plus contingency fees....”

Tim Hackshaw
Horsham, UK

“I currently have 2 clients with 2 more starting in July, this will give me annualised earnings of £70,000 plus contingency but now pitch for higher fees. My experience to date gives me a great deal of confidence for the future... ”

Nick Everard
Market Harborough, UK

“As a former army Lieutenant Colonel, I wanted a systematic approach to help businesses and Quantum certainly provides it... With 2 clients after just 3 meetings, I was delighted. I’m confident of building up a decent income with profit share.”

Philip Becker
London, UK

"I was looking for a business opportunity which gave me flexibility and the opportunity to help small business owners. My experience as a Chartered Accountant satisfied me of the market opportunities. Since joining I’ve signed 3 clients with another 2 about to sign. The retainer fees are good and the success fees means there is no ceiling to what you can earn."

Bill Jordan
Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK

I joined Alchemy because I was looking for an edge so I would not just be a generalist consultant. The course fully delivered on all my expectations and I’ve signed my first client in the print management business and I hope to be signing my second any day now.

Frazer Fearnhead
Cheshire, UK

"I’m now 4 months off the course and have signed 3 full clients. Average deals are £4,000 per month plus the profit share. The course was fantastic, the support excellent, and the material great. I’m impressed by the extent of the potential opportunities that arise once you have the client’s trust. There is enough work to keep me busy for years to come with these 3 clients alone."

Bob Baldassa
Warrigal, Australia

“After 5 months I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! You get out what you put in and now with 3 clients I am now making a very comfortable living. It is a great team environment.”

Tony Carroll
Waterford, Ireland

“I've signed up 3 clients already; a hospital, a contract cleaning company and a new clinic. The hospital is paying me €8,500 per month. I have had to work hard for the clients but there's no shortage of potential businesses who need my services. My advice to new consultants is focus on both the quick wins in addition to the longer term strategies and this will pay dividends.”

Jaqui Perrat
Middlesex, UK

“My first client had immediate results and was ecstatic. Within two months I had 4 clients. Training is superb with excellent ongoing Continuing Professional Development....”

Dawn Hopkins
Gloucestershire, UK

"Very powerful training. It's a life changing experience”

Rob Lawson
Melbourne, Australia

“The business model really opens up your mind... After 20 months, I think I’ve have achieved significant success with 10 clients and fee income well into six figures.“

Kevin Williams
Pembrokeshire, UK

“I completed the Alchemy Training Course nearly four months ago and my feet haven't touched the ground since; not only was the course inspirational, the ongoing support and encouragement I have received since has been exceptional... Since that time I've put deals together with a major leisure product distributor, two World Champion sportsmen, a millionaire landowner and a first class team-building company - It's going to be a defining year for sure!”

Debbie Douglas
Port Macquarie, Australia

“I am delighted to announce that I have signed my first client today and have high expectations of a long partnership with this business. I am particularly excited because this client has multiple enterprises and I am fortunate that the owner has very focused short and long term goals for growth and profitability. The Alchemy process is certainly a valuable and structured system and I am immensely proud to be a Partner in this network.”

Nicola Marsh
Buckinghamshire, UK

“I used Alchemy's recommended marketing methods and was totally overwhelmed at the response, in a matter of months I've signed 4 clients and am now turning them away. I hated my corporate life and now I drive to work looking forward to the day and I just love the variety. With Alchemy you get all the templates, resources and a menu of options to help the client’s, that let you concentrate on growing your clients business without having to worry about anything else. I'm about to take on a virtual assistant to help me cope. Life is just fantastic again.”

Shiralee Friel
Sunshine Coast, Australia

“The course was one of the most informative & exciting courses that I have ever attended (and I have been to a few!!!), there was no fluff, no hype, just genuine valid & useful information, hints & tips. I have now booked 2 full consulting clients & a coaching client... The Alchemy course, the licence & the network, give you all the tools & resources to become successful, the only thing stopping you is you. I am now in charge of my own income, my work hours, my destiny, I choose who I work with and I plot the course to my success. Alchemy really is the key to reaching your full potential.”

Julian Hubble
Bedfordshire, UK

“Within 4 months I had major success in signing 5 clients. What do I think? Absolutely Awesome!”

Darren West
Dunstable, UK

“I got my first client within weeks of ‘going live’ on a £24K pa contract. I’m into my ninth month and now have 4 clients...”

Richard Rasmussen
Melbourne, Australia

“... a tremendous investment. I’ve been involved in consulting before but this teaches ‘real life consulting’.... I got my first client after just 4 weeks off the course...”

Kevin Dixon
Sussex, UK

“I joined Alchemy and was still working in my job. Despite this, I worked part- time and acquired four clients over my first three week period. One of the things that has surprised me is the amount of opportunity that is out there and how much companies really need the help that can be provided by an Alchemy Consultant.

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