Deal Making 
Alchemy Program

Enhance, leverage and benefit from who you are. 

The purpose of the Alchemy training is to provide you with new skills and knowhow to:

Acquire equity in businesses AT NO COST.
Buy businesses for NO MONEY DOWN. 
Generate higher fee income with NO EXTRA WORK. 
Receive residual performance/success fee income as PART OF THE DEAL. 
ELEVATE your value, reputation and create new wealth & financial security.

"The Alchemy Deal Making program has been loaded with the latest powerful methodologies, innovative strategies to equip you with the tools and skills you need to succeed in today's dynamic business environment."

This comprehensive program, encompassing a wide array of vital skills in deal making and business growth, has a proven track record of success. 

Alumni's of this course have achieved remarkable feats and like them you'll explore every facet of the deal-making process, gaining insights into not only enhancing your service offerings but mastering the art of negotiation, equity acquisition, and successful business exit strategies. 

By joining us, you're not just accessing a wealth of knowledge; you're stepping into an environment of success. 

Join the ranks of those who've transformed their careers and achieved enormous success through the Alchemy Deal Making course. 

Let this journey redefine your professional path, where your expertise is not only recognised but richly rewarded.

What's In The Program?

The Deal Maker training program is huge and provides you with all the step-by-step training and resources you need to be a highly successful 'trusted adviser' and deal maker:

Extensive Deal Making, Consulting and Wealth Creation Sessions (see below)
Guides and Manuals
Legal Agreements
Checklists & Worksheets
Spreadsheet & Powerpoint Tools
Client Generation Resources
Templates & Other Valuable Resources
Access to the Alchemy Deal Panel 
Follow-on Live Coaching
Live & Email Support

Training Sessions

The training course includes a vast array of sessions, handouts and resources including manuals, guides, software and other materials

"We’re going to show you how as a Deal Maker you can acquire free equity in businesses and then help those same businesses to make acquisitions too – for no money down."

Getting Started


Training Course Introduction

Introduction and setting the stage for transformative deal-making skills and outline the journey ahead.


Deal Making Overview

Explore the fundamentals of deal-making, including key concepts and the strategic framework.

Setting The Scene


Positioning & Prepositioning

Learn techniques to position yourself advantageously before negotiations begin.


Finding Deals

Discover how to find and identify lucrative deal opportunities in various markets.


What's Hot, What's Not

Understand market trends to distinguish between promising and less viable deals.


The Setup

Master the preparation required for successful deal initiation and discussions.


The Meeting

Gain insights into conducting effective meetings that move deals forward.



Learn how to uncover critical information that influences deal outcomes.


How Not To Fail

Strategies to identify and avoid the common pitfalls in deal-making and consulting.



Understand how to 'invest'/use existing assets, and situations to your advantage in deals.

Delivering Your Services


A Business & Marketing Primer

Get an overview of essential marketing concepts relevant to deal-making.


Alchemy Business Consulting - 1

Dive into foundational business growth strategies and consulting practices.


Alchemy Business Consulting - 2

Continue exploring advanced and cutting edge business development techniques and applications.


Alchemy Business Consulting - 3

Learn about implementing scalable systems and processes for continuous client growth.


Strategic Acquisitions - 1

Introduction and overview of company acquisitions and using the Alchemy stepped process.


Strategic Acquisitions - 2

An information-rich deep dive into the deal sourcing, target researching and deal stacking.


Buying For No Money Down

Navigate the complexities of acquiring equity stakes in client businesses.


Finding Funding (OPM)

Strategies for leveraging other people's money for business investments.


Due Diligence & Legals

Navigate due diligence and legalities to secure and protect your deals effectively.


Closing The Deal

Equipping yourself with the most effective strategies to finalise the deals to the mutual benefit of all.

Building On The Rewards


Negotiating Your Fees

Techniques for negotiating higher fees and value-based pricing structures.


Taking Equity

Navigate the complexities of acquiring equity stakes in client businesses.


Building The Companies

Essential insights into growing and scaling the businesses you're involved with.


Your Directorships

Guidance on managing directorship roles to influence company direction effectively.

Your End Game


Guiding The Companies

Strategies for steering your portfolio companies towards success.


The Exit Strategy

Master planning successful exits to maximise investment returns.


Building Your Equity Portfolio

How to build and manage a diverse portfolio of business interests.


The 'Flipping' Game

Learn the art of buying, growing, and selling businesses for profit... Then repeat!


Jenny Gilbert
London, UK

“With all the courses and degrees and everything I’ve done (BA, PhD, MBA), nothing quite matches this especially in the form of all of the rich material that is just so easy to implement; its absolutely amazing.”

Riz Nawaz
Melbourne, Australia

"The best money I've spent in a long time. My best investment. Absolutely brilliant!"

Mike Harris
Northampton, UK

“If you are serious, committed and dedicated to becoming an empowered business development Consultant then this course will open your eyes to a whole new world of opportunity.”

William Lorimer
Kilkenny, Ireland

“Exceeded my expectations... It has left me invigorated and excited about my future. I often feel overwhelmed with the amount of content. It is infectious!”

Joachim Delmas
Paris, France

“This can be a turning point... Great training, I would recommend this to all”

Andrew Spears
Oxford, UK

“I was sceptical at first but having seen the Alchemy process and ‘volumes’ of ideas and practical solutions I was blown away. Well worth the time and the money and helped me look at the opportunity available with completely new eyes.”

Dudley Peacock
Cape Town, South Africa

“Intense, informative and empowering”

Lisa Weber
Sydney, Australia

"It was excellent, stimulating, thought provoking and undoubtedly life changing."

B Carter Loney
Frankfurt, Germany

”I’ve considered investing this sort of money in an MBA but this course is the Millionaire’s MBA. The first day was impressive and it just grew from there.”

Peter Lisney
Telford, UK

“If you are prepared to open your mind, be prepared to blow your mind! I feel like my whole professional and business life has been leading and preparing me for this new adventure.”

Frank Norton
Melbourne, Australia

“This is the most powerful course in business growth that I have ever experienced, facilitated by quality people that clearly get results. “

Angela Evans
Nottingham, UK

“Exciting, fast-paced, thought provoking, stimulating, and totally, absolutely brilliant!”

Andreas Lenge 
Munich, Germany

"Best business course I have done and gives many opportunities."

Daffyd Owen
Cardiff, UK

“Fantastic. Fully comprehensive – way more than I expected.”

The above sessions do not represent the entire training program and some sessions may be subject to change.

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