More Praise For The Training...

Christine Geeson 
Felixstowe, UK

“A fantastic course, valuable, life long lessons... All the tools to do the job.”

Phil Clint
Derbyshire, UK

“The right course for me and has to be the right platform to launch from. Check it out it’s all there and has a strong network side...”

Zois Gasis
Melbourne, Australia

“The most valuable training you could possibly receive. It cemented the fact that money can be made out of thin air.”

Simon Brock
Devon, UK

“It got better and better... Highly recommended.”

Ashok Chandalia
New Delhi, India

“You are exposed to enormous amounts of knowledge about business success in a powerful and effective way.”

Ron Barton
Port Moresby, PNG 

"An eye opener that gives you the tools to market yourself."

Niall McInerney
 Johnstown, Ireland

"The content is almost endless, nothing is left out, it is so very comprehensive as a single, easily accessible and understandable source of practical and relevant knowledge... Wonderfully powerful stuff! I thoroughly recommend it as a great investment."

Stephen Wells
Edinburgh, UK

“The quality and standard is excellent. It is presented in a very positive manner, imparting the conviction that anything is possible.”

Peter Newey
Yorkshire, UK

“If you want to start your own consultancy then you need to go on this course... Excellent... A very good week!”

Leigh Stephen
Buckinghamshire, UK

“Value for money... Very good. Nothing seems to have been left out.”

Carl Rogers
Hertfordshire, UK

‘I really enjoyed it, it opened my eyes to new opportunities’

Sonia Nair
Birmingham, UK

“An excellent structured course. Every tool that you will need to be the very best consultant... and entrepreneur.”

Harald Nesswitz
Munich, Germany

“Extremely good trainers, a wow factor on the concepts and I now have a head full of ideas”.

Paul Hornsey-Pennell
Totnes, UK

“...You remarkably walk away with a complete business kit in only five days...
The only thing to consider is; is the information up to the mark? It most definitely is... I have clarity, confidence and direction.”

Andrew Turnbull
Belfast , UK

“I gained an insight into how businesses can be dramatically grown through sensible yet powerful methods... Excellent content and material.”

Brian McNally
Ennis, Ireland

“Do it! A powerful and inspiring 6 days which will change your life and how you think about everything... A World Class course, brilliantly delivered in a fantastic setting, by great people.”

Darren Beaven
Nottingham, UK

“...This course will give you all you need... A great week that has really woken me up to now go out and take my consultancy to the next level.”

Mathias Hauger
Gloucestershire, UK

“Insightful, concise, valuable and career changing. The interaction between the trainers works extremely well. A truly excellent program easily worth the time and money.””

Brendan Burke
Offaly, Ireland

“Very informative, well organised, excellent presenters... Hard work but above all enjoyable.”

Alex Morgan
Surrey, UK

“I’ve come away with loads of good ideas about making real money from business”.

Declan Bevan
Cork, Ireland

“This is an absolute must for anyone serious about business success and the information and tools blow away all boundaries and guarantee success when applied. David, you have created a World Class business success course and the training, delivery and content are excellent... By far the best I have received or witnessed.”

John Evans
Pembrokeshire, UK

A very intense but very rewarding 6 days packed with information and great tools to work with.”

Carol Barlow
London, UK

“It has been a challenging but inspiring week. I am full of new ideas and in awe of the potential opportunities that can be made. A wealth of information and ideas, an amazing group of people and amazing depth of knowledge and experience."

Kelly Sallows
Essex, UK

“The manuals and information that have been provided are first class. The training and experience and ultimately this experience has really exceeded all of my hopes. I am very confident that as I set out I have the tools to actually go out there in the market and be a first class Business Consultant and Deal Maker.”

Georgeane Frazer
Suffolk, UK

“Do yourself a favour and do the course. It will open up your mind to a wealth of opportunities.”

Sherwyn Singh
Basingstoke, UK

”I’ve considered investing this sort of money in an MBA but this course is the Millionaire’s MBA. The first day was impressive and it just grew from there.”

Peter Zuger
Zurich, Switzerland

“My expectations were high – and the course surpassed them! I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to succeed.”

Tom Verner
Belfast, UK 

“This is one of the most interesting business systems that I have ever seen. Pound for pound it has been the best training course I have ever been on."

Joaquim Delmas

"Great training, I’ve learned a lot and would recommend this to all."

Milan Ali
Newport, UK

"The course is life-changing and I would recommend it to anyone who seriously wants to make big money and if you want a shortcut to success."

Ray Burke
Co. Meath, Ireland

“...Covers all of the aspects, problems, approaches and tasks... I would highly recommend it”

Stephen Clark
Warwickshire, UK

“Do it. It doesn’t matter what you do thereafter, it will be money well spent.”

Walter Gehrig 
Zurich, Switzerland

"Very confident that the future is bright and that I am well equipped."

Marco Cavadini
Lugano, Switzerland

“If you are an entrepreneurial type of person it is a ‘must have’ experience that really opens your eyes on how to make business work. It is not for everybody.”

Terence Monaghan
Dublin, Ireland

“Very positive and a happy Consultant now ready to burn leather.”

Caroline de Havilland
Surrey, UK

"Mind blowing and extremely informative."

Joseph Bender 
Perth, Australia

"Without hesitation, one of the most life changing things that I have done."

Dr Can Veldet 
Paris, France

"This is the best training I have ever attended."

Jeremy Norris
Bristol, UK

"Worth every penny."

Elisabeth Schoch Zurich. Switzerland

"Great training, I’ve learned a lot and would recommend this to all."

Mona Shanker
Bangalore, India

"This has provided the ability and the tools to think outside the box and think differently. The world feels like a new place now!"

Martin Dabb
Wellington, NZ

"Professional, realistic, focussed."

Staffan Lundell

"Probably the most workable and easy to learn course for consultants in the market. Great resources and support to draw from."

Peter Brown
Nottingham, UK

"First rate course. This has changed my outlook on many things.”

Mike Kennedy
Yorkshire, UK

"It has given me all the tools I need to run a successful business - the rest is down to me.."

Bruce Johnston
Monmouth, UK

“5 days well spent in the company of enthusiastic trainers and participants... It gives you the tools to go and get into the business of being a Consultant and Deal Maker.”

Isobel Cox
Cumbria, UK

“I have enjoyed the course much more than
I could have imagined and I feel very motivated to get out now and do the job. I feel I have more confidence in myself than I did when I arrived.”

Celina Lyn
Birmingham, UK

‘Brilliant... Wonderful experience.’

David Bowman
Somerset, UK

“The realisation that with the strategies and my experience I have the power to realise all my goals and dreams for the first time in my life.”

Robert Umpleby
Miltom Keynes

‘Be prepared to have so many ideas that you may not be able to sleep... So many good ideas and a systematic method to implement – This training will change my life.’

Alan Murtagh
Edinburgh, UK

“Much of the pre-course material that I read promised and used words like ‘life changing’, and ‘it’s going to transform your existence’, and all those kinds of phrases. Many of which I was sceptical about but they’ve all been true!”

Klaus Fabry
Zurich, Switzerland

"Mind blowing and extremely informative."

Steve Buchanan
Reading, UK

“Wonderful, absolutely fabulous, incredible – learnt so many things, met some great people, can’t fault it!”

George Demetriou
London, UK

“Becoming an Alchemy Consultant has provided me with the confidence, credibility and methodology to go out into the market place... Within days I was approaching my chosen target markets using messages based on Alchemy techniques."

Mike Penfold
Sydney, Australia

“It was natural to be skeptical but the course exceeded my expectations... Comprehensive, thorough, easy to understand... First class trainers.”

Paul White
Melbourne, Australia

"Fantastic! An absolute treasure trove."

Chris Butler
Hampshire, UK

“A fantastic set of “Go and Do It” tools. Do it now, if you want a success path.”

Mafalda Bahia
Braga, Portugal

“It has excellent quality. It really is life changing and shows unlimited opportunities. You just have to be able to reach for them.”

David Bage
Abingdon, UK

“It’s proved to me I have made the right investment deci- sion.... Best thing since sliced bread!”

Jim Cohen
Brisbane, Australia

“Fantastic. Fully comprehensive – way more than I expected.”

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