Joining Alchemy

Ever dream of owning or having a major shareholding in companies you work with?  Now you can...

Comprehensive new training course shows you how.

Acquire companies for NO MONEY DOWN.
Be given significant equity in companies - Develop them then SELL.
Substantially increase your fee income with NO EXTRA WORK.
Become a Deal Maker - Generate wealth and own a PORTFOLIO of companies.
Gain new skills to help build and develop your capital acquisitions.

Join Alchemy Deal Making and embrace the future of business consulting and deal making. Our meticulously designed program incorporates the latest strategies and methodologies, offering an unparalleled opportunity to not just learn but excel in the art of deal-making. 

By joining Alchemy as a member and a certified deal maker you gain access to cutting-edge training, comprehensive support, a huge library of resource materials and a community of ambitious professionals. 

Elevate your career with us and transform your potential into the success you deserve.

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Special launch offer!

Offer now includes monthly payment plan...

IMPORTANT: This special offer applies to this first training course only. It will not be available for the following courses.


Join Us in an intensive 3-day training program to perfect your deal-making skills. Enjoy access to our Support Team and Deal Team insights, group coaching, and a personal CRM to navigate your success. Connect and grow through our Associate exclusive monthly meetings.


Comprehensive 3 Day Residential Training
Support Team Access
Deal Team Access (advice and support)
Knowledge Vault Access
Use of 'Associate Partner' Title
Monthly Meetings
Group Coaching
Quarterly CPD Training

Investment: £1,497 per month for 3 months.
Or, one payment of £3,997 (saving £494).

Optional continuous support: Free for first 3 months then £197 per month (cancel anytime).

* PLEASE NOTE: Currently payments are quoted in UK Pounds (£).

- Deal Maker Success Studies -

Equity & £1.1M

Carl Allen from Manchester, UK acquired equity in several companies and made £1.1 million in his first 18 months as a Deal Maker. He was also given a brand new Porsche Cayenne (as part payment) by a client.

40% Equity

Frazer Fearnhead from Cheshire, UK landed a Directorship with a 40% equity deal and a generous retainer after completing his Deal Maker training. 
He later founded a crowd funding company.

Equity & $1.2M

George Stamatakis from Melbourne, Australia used the training and strategies to gain equity and directorships in 6 companies and earned in excess of $1.2 million over a 12 month period as a Deal Maker.

A Well Travelled Road...

Ian Scott
Bedford, UK

“...The training was truly inspiring. I had a contracted client at the second meeting, a beauty salon, paying me £8,000 plus a 10% share of increase in turnover. All this within one week of the course..."

Grant McKenzie
Brisbane, Australia

“On just the second full trading month my first client has seen a huge gain of $75,000 (19%) in monthly sales and disproportionate improvement in gross margin.… The methodology is virtually guaranteed to bring fantastic results.“

Deborah Potts
London, UK

"I have secured my first client! I have done a deal with a firm of accountants specialising in the travel industry and their sister wealth management company. I have secured a very healthy monthly retainer plus 10% of new client turnover!”

Ian Bottomley
Manchester, UK

“After only 2 weeks and I signed my first client at £4,000 per month plus share of the profits. I’m also working on another 2 leads. I’d highly recommend the course to anyone looking for the strategies to help businesses grow."

Tibbs Pereira
Dublin Ireland

"I have 6 clients with others waiting in the wings. It’s opened my eyes to the consulting deals that can be done with a much wider range of solutions that I could offer by myself."

Clive Mulligan
Hertfordshire, UK

"From one of the client generation methods I received 22 responses, resulted in 4 meetings, 2 clients and one prospect still in progress.”

Lorna Micklefield
Lincolnshire, UK

"The course was intense with so much to learn but it delivered... Within the 1st two weeks I signed my 1st client with ease and a 2nd client in the following two weeks."

David Boyd
Newark, UK

"My decision to join is the best I’ve made. I’ve had huge support since the training course which has helped me win 6 clients in just 6 months. My income for my first year will exceed £100,000."


& SAQ's (Should Ask Questions)

What makes Alchemy Deal Making unique?

Alchemy Deal Making combines updated business growth strategies with innovative deal-making and business acquisition techniques, offering a unique blend of training and real-world application. 

What the big win-win an Alchemy Deal Maker has over other consultants?

Alchemy Deal Making also sets you apart by enabling you to not only secure no-cost equity in client businesses but also support them in strategic business acquisitions as part of their growth strategy. This dual approach enhances your role as a trusted adviser, significantly boosting both your clients' wealth and your own equity portfolio. This is a big win-win!

How does the training support business acquisitions?

The training provides in-depth knowledge on identifying acquisition opportunities, conducting due diligence, negotiating deals, and where required, leveraging other people's money, with full back-office support.

Can I really buy businesses with no money down?

Yes, our methodologies include strategies for acquiring businesses using innovative financing and negotiation techniques that don't require upfront personal investment.

What kind of support can I expect?

Depending on your membership level, support ranges from ticketed and email access to our team, to personal coaching and direct access to our Deal Team for hands-on assistance.

What support does the Deal Team provide to deal makers?

The Deal Team offers comprehensive support to deal makers, covering aspects like due diligence, commercial considerations, and legalities. They are ready to provide advice, guidance, and even active involvement in selected deals upon request, ensuring deal makers have the expertise needed to navigate complex transactions successfully. This dedicated support aims to bolster the success and effectiveness of each deal, reinforcing the deal maker's confidence and capabilities in securing and managing acquisitions.

Is there a community or network I can join?

Yes, Alchemy Deal Making offers a developing network of professionals with regular Zoom meetings and quarterly training, fostering a community of shared growth and success.

What kind of businesses can I help acquire?

This program equips you to work across various industries, offering flexibility to target businesses that match your interests and expertise - and those of your clients for the acquisitions you'll help them secure.

How long does it take to see results from the training?

Results can vary, but with dedication and by leveraging our methodologies, many see significant progress within the first few months of application. 

From the many testimonials on this site you can read how some consultants/deal makers had results within their first few weeks while others took longer.

Can this program help me if I'm new to consulting?

Absolutely. Alchemy Deal Making is designed to be accessible for newcomers while offering advanced insights for seasoned professionals. Again, read the many testimonials on this site.

How much is the investment to join Alchemy?

The investment cost is dependent upon your chosen joining level. Each of the levels offers a different initial training structures, benefits, relationship and support.

Are there any other costs?

There are no hidden costs. Naturally you will have your own operating costs (although these are minimal). If you require support that is in addition to your joining level then there would be a (reasonable) cost to this. 

Is Alchemy a franchise?

No. Alchemy is NOT a franchise. It is a membership organisation that offers you training, certification and, if you opt for the Associate Partner or Partner status, monthly membership benefits which may be cancelled by you at any time.

Training & Support

Live Course Training

Embark on a 3 day transformative journey with our live training course culminating in certification. This comprehensive program delves into all facets of business consulting and deal making, enriched with an array of handouts, resources, and tools. Praised by past attendees, our course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills for success.

Industry Leading Trainers

Learn from the best to become the best. Our world-class trainers are not just educators but seasoned entrepreneurs with real-world experience. They bring invaluable insights from their journeys in business growth, deal making, sales, and marketing, having mentored thousands towards success. With these experts as your guides, your path to excellence is clear.

Live Course Venues

Experience immersive learning in serene country hotels, our chosen venues for the residential courses. Set away from daily distractions, these locations offer the perfect environment to focus, recharge, and master business consulting and deal making. It's more than training; it's a retreat for personal and professional growth.


Unparalleled support awaits you in two forms: General support for all your operational, client acquisition, and consulting needs, and specialized Deal Team support for business acquisition challenges, including due diligence and funding. Our comprehensive support ensures you're never alone on your journey with Alchemy.


For Partners and Associates, personalised coaching is a cornerstone benefit, providing weekly sessions with an Executive Director for Partners and group coaching for Associates. This tailored guidance accelerates your mastery of deal-making, ensuring rapid professional growth.

Monthly Meetings

Our monthly online meetings offer a platform for continuous learning, networking, and sharing of best practices, keeping you connected and informed within the Alchemy community. These sessions are designed to foster a supportive environment where your success is our priority.

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